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Club Executive

Wayne Flanigan (Email:

Vice President:
Dave Jones

Operations Manager:
Vickey Crawford

Ab Birch

Current Club Members
Dave Armstrong
Murray Barber
John Caudle
Rob Cornelis
Andrew Dawson
Clint Eeley
Colin Eeley
Justin Fidler
Butch Johnston
Dave Jones
Frank McCarthy
Grant McComb
Doug McIntosh
Ken McLellan
Dan Mitchell
Jamie Nairn
Jim Seeley
David Sheppard
Mike Sheppard
Steve Sheppard
Wolfgang Struss
Dave Tustin
Greg Walls
Doug Wilkinson

About Our Club and Trails!

The Science Hill Drifters are an OFSC affiliated club and you must have a valid snowmobile permit to ride our trails, as is the case for all OFSC prescribed trails. A great deal of money and volunteer time is spent creating and maintaining our trails so please remember to choose "Science Hill Drifters" as your club when you purchase your trail pass.

The Science Hill Drifters Club was formed in 1993, and has come a long way from one Alpine sled grooming one trail.

Our Club house is located 1 km north of St. Marys (approximately 25 kms north of London Ontario) on Thames Road. Turn north off Queen St. West at St. Marys Ford, and the lane-way to our parking lot is the 3rd one past the curve on the left.  Look for our logo on the end of the clubhouse. If you arrive by sled, we are at the southern end of the B111 trail.

If you use Google Maps, enter the destination address 1709 Thames Road, St. Marys, Ontario.

GPS co-ordinates are N43 15.851 W81 09.876 using WGS 84 datum.

The Club house is heated and open 24/7 during the winter months for your convenience, and the kitchen is open on weekends when trails are available/limited.

GAS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE at the Esso/St Mary's Ford gas station 1 km south of the clubhouse Unfortunately the gas station is permanently CLOSED.

There is always lots of free parking at our club house in St. Marys, or in Ilderton at the Fair Grounds. You get from both parking lots to our trails conveniently. If you need any more information about our trails feel free to send us an email, and we will be glad to help out. 

Click here to download a map of our trails (Note: this is a large file - approximately 1.5 MB) 

Our trails are located in and around St. Marys Ontario. We groom 188 kms of trails comprised of 10 major trails, including 18 kms of "TOP" trail  B111 - one of the most southern links to the TOP trail system. Our main trail (B111) starts at our Clubhouse on the west end of St. Marys and connects to the Pineridge Club north of Kirkton. The "North" trail does a loop to the east and connects to the Pineridge Club trails north of Kirkton making a nice round-trip.
The Sebringville trail connects to the Ellice Swampers Club near Sebringville. We also have a trail that connects to the Thamesford Snowmobile Club on the east side of St. Marys.
In 1997 a new group joined the Drifters and forged a new trail to the South East side of Stratford, making a connecting link to the Golden Triangle trails. In 1998 we extended our Granton trail to connect to the Town of Lucan on Highway 4, and in 1999 this trail was extended to connect to the Pineridge Club trails near the village of Clandeboye at Highway 4. 

For the 2001/ 2002 season another new group of members joined our club and connected a trail from Lucan to Denfield and Ilderton. At Ilderton our trail connects to the Strathroy Snow Blizzards trails. This link is a great jumping-on spot for people to the south, or for simply getting to the rest of Ontario's fabulous trails. 

For the 2003/2004 season, a trail was added to connect Denfield to Ailsa Craig, and heading west to connect to the B108 trail near Parkhill.
In 2013, a new southern trail has been added that connects Ilderton to Thorndale, with connections to Granton and a gas trail leading to the intersection of Highbury and Highway #7.
In 2018, a new trail was added that ends at the River Valley Tube Slide course, where you will find a warm restaurant during open hours each day and on weekends. 
 Thank you for selecting our Club when you purchase your permit online!